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Bekay Tablets 60 no's

Bekay Tablets 60 no's

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Bekay tablets contains processed ferrum that has superior bioabsorption. It helps in improving the Hemoglobin levels.

It also helps in repairing liver damage and restores the normal functionality of liver.

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Product Information


• Improves hemoglobin levels
• Repairs liver damage
• Enhances the liver protection
• Regularizes the levels of liver enzymes.
• Bio-absorbable ferrum enhances the oxygen carrying capacity of blood.
• Effective for anemia, loss of appetite and dyspepsia.
• Aids in effective vitiligo treatment

How to use

• Adults: One tablet in morning and one tablet at night after food.
• Children Above 5 years: One tablet at night after food.
As directed by the physician

Product Ingredients

Each tablet contains extract of
• Processed Ferrum *: 5%
• Excipients: Q.S.
Processed in juices of Eclipta prostrata and Citrus bergamia in equal proportions