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JRK's D-Co-D Tablets 60 no's

JRK's D-Co-D Tablets 60 no's

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1. Reduces the risk of co-morbidities (associated diseases) and organ damages or dis functioning.

2. protects vital organs

3. Reduces the high blood glucose

4. Boosts immunity and prevents infections

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Product Information


How to use

One tablet twice a day after food (Or) As directed by the Physician.

Product Ingredients

Each tablet contains

Nilavembu (Andrographis paniculata) : 100 mg

Naval (Syzygium cumini) : 50 mg

Seenthil (Tinospora cordifolia) : 50 mg

Pagal (Momordica charantia) : 50mg

Koraikizhangu (Cyperus rotundus) : 50mg

Sukku (Zingiber officinale) : 50mg

Milaghu (Piper nigrum) : 50mg

Adathodai (Adhatoda vasica) : 50mg

Excipients : Q.S