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Lumina AD Herbal Shampoo100 ml Pack of 2

Lumina AD Herbal Shampoo100 ml Pack of 2

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Presenting JRK's Lumina AD Herbal Shampoo, the best 'biological cleanser' of Dandruff and scalp scales. It effectively. removes dandruff causing agents and scalp scaling.

Fortified with 8 phyto fighters that target specific sites with mechanism of action to offer complete relief from dandruff, itching and scaling.

Regular usage nourishes and smoothens scalp, making it healthy. JRK's Lumina AD Herbal Shampoo intensely conditions hair.


Dandruff and scalp psoriasis

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Product Information


Lumina AD Herbal Shampoo is an effective herbal anti-dandruff shampoo with soft pro effect
• Removes scalp scales and relieves itching
• Quick kill effect on fungal pathogens
• Deep conditioning of scalp and hair
• Rejuvenates scalp micro-cosmogens

How to use

Apply JRK's Lumina AD herbal shampoo on wet hair, massage into scalp and rinse. For best results, use regularly. (OR) As directed by the physician. For external use only

Product Ingredients

Each 100 ml contains extracts of
Phylo nodiflora-0.1%
Azadirachta indica-0.1%
Allium cepa var. aggregatum -0.1%
Cassia alata-0.1%
Aloe vera-0.1%
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis-0.1%
Trigonella foenum-graecum-0.1%
Indigofera tinctoria-0.1%