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Dr. JRK's Nilavembu Kudineer Chooranam Tablets 60 no's

Dr. JRK's Nilavembu Kudineer Chooranam Tablets 60 no's

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Aids in quick recovery from viral fever
Boosts Immunity
Possess anti-pyretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial properties

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    Dr.JRK’s Nilavembu kudineer choornam tablet – NIKU TABLETS

    Bitter and better medicine in palatable form

    Extracts of 9 herbs in concentrated form equivalent to 60ml of kudineer is encapsulated in the tablet. Recommended formulation by AYUSH to prevent COVID-19.

    Advantages of NIKU TABLETS

    More patient compliant and enhance the acceptability of Nilavembu kudineer even by children
    Concentrated actives of all 9 herbs equivalent to the proportion are encapsulated into tablet
    Accuracy of phyto-actives in every dosage
    Reduces the labor in the preparation of kudineer making

    How to use

    One tablet twice a day after food.

    Product Ingredients

    Each 500 mg tablet contains equal parts of following herbs

    Cyperus rotundus

    Santalum album

    Plectranthus vettiveroides

    Vetiveria zizanioides

    Andrographis paniculata

    Mollugo cerviana

    Zingiber officinale

    Trichosanthes cucumerina

    Piper nigrum

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