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Tolenorm Ointment Pack of 2

Tolenorm Ointment Pack of 2

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Tolenorm ointment is a Proprietary Siddha Medicine which augments tyrosinase activity and facilitates melanogenesis. It is specially formulated with polar actives extracted through a unique process for the treatment of Viltiligo and hypo-pigmentary disorders.


Vitiligo and hypopigmentary disorders

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Product Information


• Increases pigmentation
• Offers sun protection

How to use

Apply Tolenorm ointment on affected areas thrice a day. (OR) As directed by the physician.
For external use only

Product Ingredients

Each 5 gm contains extracts of
• Wrightia tinctoria : 25 mg
• Psoralea corylifolia : 25 mg
• Indigofera tinctoria : 100 mg
• Oleum cocos nucifera: Q.S.